Call for papers

We are preparing the next issue of Biomedical and Biopharmaceutical Research (IBB / BBR).

We are confident that a number of ongoing measures aimed at making our publication processes easier and clearer will be in place, starting with the next volume. To improve our visibility in the global scientific community. Please check [ + here ] for submission requirements.

Now you can indicate the most suitable section for your area of interest 

  • Behavior, Lifestyles and Well-being
  • Food and Nutrition Sciences
  • Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology
  • Pharmacotechnology and Nanotechnology
  • Physiology or Medicine
  • Hygiene, Health and Digital Innovation
  • Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products 
  • Technology, Sensors and Analytical Methods


In each of these areas you will find the respective Executive Editors ready to collaborate in order to facilitate your review process, with competence, objectivity and transparency. One more step in the progress of this publication.

Please support this initiative and submit your work to our journal. 

Its bilingual nature increases the reach of its readership while preserving the original design and development.

We are proud of this publication, which we consider unique, and hope to count you among our regular contributors.


Reproduction rights and publication

BBR journal is an open access publisher that adopts the CC BY-NC (Creative commons) distribution license [see more here] and all articles are immediately and permanently accessible online free of charge and whithout any type of registration.