The Health and Society section starts with review about the major respiratory changes occurring after CVS and the impact of muscular training on these patients as an important contribution to improve their condition. [+] here


Health and Society

Respiratory Changes in Patients with Stroke

Rita Ocko & Maria do Céu Costa [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.11.2.85 


The Four Aristotelian Discourses in Medicine: Educational Tools for Physicians

Hélio Angotti-Neto, Andreia Bosi, Angela Regina Binda da Silva de Jesus [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.11.2.86


About the postponement of clinical discharges from an Integrated Continuous Care Unit (UCCI) for non-clinical reasons: nurses perception study

M. Carolina Monteiro, Osvaldo Santos, Maria do Céu Costa [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.11.2.87


Patient Safety in Transfusion Medicine 

Ana Isabel Simão Teles [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.11.2.88


Education about protection against solar radiation for teachers teaching young children: a contribution to promote school health

Gislaine Ricci Leonardi, Thais Mancini Banin, Fulvio Gabriel Corazza, Claudia Fegadolli [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.11.2.89


Biomedical Sciences

Complementary diagnostic activities in Portugal: Computed Tomography 

Ricardo Crispim & Ana Luísa Vieira [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.11.2.90


Zinc intake and serum levels in Portuguese women living in Lisbon area 

Nelson R. Tavares, Abreu S, S. Costa, A. Miranda, Catarina Rosado [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.11.2.91


Exploring human in vivo microcirculation with methyl nicotinate in different perfusion conditions 

Henrique Silva, Catarina Rosado, Joana Antunes and L. Monteiro Rodrigues [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.11.2.92


Biopharmaceutical Sciences

Impact of stirring speed, glycerin and sodium chloride concentrations on photoprotective nanoemulsions

Débora Granemann e Silva, Camila Areias de Oliveira, Daniela DAlmeida Peres, Margarida Pereira, Nicole Pereira, Tânia Santos Almeida, Joana Portugal Mota, Catarina Rosado, Vânia Rodrigues Leite-Silva, Maria Valéria Robles Velasco, André Rolim Baby [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.11.2.93


Synthesis of benzoazole ionic liquids and evaluation of their antimicrobial activity 

Łukasz Czekański, Tânia Santos de Almeida, Joana P. Mota, Patrícia Rijo, Maria Eduarda M. Araújo [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.11.2.94


Formulations with green clay for acne-prone skin: evaluation of rheology and sensory 

Maria Cibelle Pauli Lungatto, Silas Arandas Monteiro e Silva, Andréa Cristina de Lima, Anna Cecilia Venturini, Vânia R. Leite e Silva, Gislaine Ricci Leonardi [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.11.2.95


Rheology, clinical efficacy and sensorial of a silicone-based formulation containing pearl extract 

Ana Flora V. S. Marcon, Tais A. L. Wagemaker, Patrícia M. B. G. Maia Campos [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.11.2.96 



CBIOS Science Sessions - Part II 2014 [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.11.2.97

II Luso-Brazilian Symposium - Hair Care and Health Proceedings  [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.11.2.98

I Scientic Conferences CBIOS Proceedings [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.11.2.99