The Nutrition and Food Sciencies section is initiated with an original paper focusing the regulatory aspects of the labelling and packaging of eggs for human consumption in Gran Canaria (Spain). Considering the corresponding European and Spanish legislations, this paper includes a proposal for implementing a labelling guide for these products... [+] here


Nutrition and Food Sciences

Studying the compliance of the labelling in different types of farm fresh eggs for human consumption marketed in Gran Canaria (Spain) – An egg labelling proposition for those produced in Canary Islandsands

Melissa López, Conrado Carrascosa, Rafael Millán, Graciela Hitatí Negro, António Raposo, Esther Sanjuán [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.15.2.181


Vitis vinera L. pomace: chemical and nutritional characterization 

Marisa Nicolai, Paula Pereira, Patrícia Rijo, Olga Amaral, Anabela Amaral, Lídia Palma [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.15.2.182


Chronic gastritis (Clinical case)

Bruno Sousa, Nelson Tavares [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.15.2.183


Biomedical Sciences

Study on the Prevention and Control of Infections in Dental Practice in Health Units of Luanda

Teresa Dalbertina Macosso, Ana Resendes, Alberto Paca Macosso, Manuel Londa Vueba, Maria do Céu Costa [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.15.2.184 (Please consult article appendices [+] here)


Assessing microcirculation dynamics during gait in the lower limb - a preliminary approach

Margarida Florindo, Henrique Silva, L. Monteiro Rodrigues [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.15.2.185


Exploring the perfusion modifications occurring with massage in the human lower limbs by non-contact polarized spectroscopy

Clemente Rocha, Ana Macedo, Sérgio Nuno, Henrique Silva, Hugo Ferreira, L. Monteiro Rodrigues [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.15.2.186


Texture analysis can be used to improve skin sonography quantification capacities

Ana S. Macedo, Henrique Silva, L. Monteiro Rodrigues [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.15.2.187


Biopharmaceutical Sciences

Benefits of a dermocosmetic formulation with vitamins B3 and a B6 derivative combined with zinc-PCA for mild inflammatory acne and acne-prone skin

J. P. Andrade, T. A. L. Wagemaker, D. G. Mercurio, P. M. B. G. Maia Campos [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.15.2.188


Ceftriaxone: clinical review, consumption in Portugal and safety alerts

Carla Pires, Ana Fernandes [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.15.2.189



Proceedings - CBiOS Science Sessions - 2018 [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.15.2.190

Proceedings - III CBIOS Seminar [+] aqui - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.15.2.191

Proceedings - II Lusófonas Scientific Conference Days of Nutrition [+] aqui - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.15.2.192