Vol 20: Number 1

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2023 - On the same path to a new future

The publication Biomedical and Biopharmaceutical Research (BBR), which I have the privilege of directing since its inception (first as Lusófona Journal of Health Sciences), has fulfilled its first and main objective with recognized rigor and consistency - that of contributing as an instrument for the progress and dissemination of science conceived and produced in the Portuguese language shared by the Lusophone communities. Made globally accessible by this simultaneous publication in English and Portuguese, this unique feature also created multiple opportunities for publication and scientific "growth" especially for younger researchers around the world.

The editorial progress and organization, although entirely voluntary and therefore not professionalized, has been noticeable and, along with this, the evaluation, review and editing procedures have become more demanding but also more transparent. We can be justifiably proud and pleased of the recognition we have received from publishers such as CrossRef, ELSEVIER-ScopusGoogle Scholar, or the recent ASCI-database, to name just a few.

We continue on the same path, more determined but also more aware of the challenges we face. As is clear from this long journey, these paths are traced with real objectives in sight and on short horizons. The continuity of the publication depends exclusively on the quality and effort of all of us... every day.

In this issue we illustrate how BBR is entirely assuming this digital challenge. To our options of peer review, exclusively electronic publishing (paperless), at no cost to the author and open access to the reader, we now add submission, review, and decision on a digital platform. It looks quite simple, but it is a huge step for an independent non-profit organization like ours. Only possible thanks to the determination, commitment and enthusiasm of our managers and collaborators.

We will certainly find many aspects to improve. We count on your understanding and patience but, as said before, this is a step that only precedes the next ones but is absolutely critical for the growth and continuity of this publication.

The present issue also introduces a new editorial line-up, harmonized with the editorial policies of leading publications in these fields, organizing the publications into Original Articles, Short Articles, Review Articles, Study Protocols, and Case Studies, while maintaining a section for Proceedings of Scientific Meetings.

We are grateful to be part of this great story and we can look forward to a brighter future. Only possible with you.


Luís Monteiro Rodrigues, Editor-in-Chief   ✉️