Luis Monteiro Rodrigues, MSc, PhD, Editor-in-chief

Be very welcome to our world of  Biomedical Biopharmaceutical Research - science, innovation and development created and published in Portuguese. BBR / IBB is currently the sole online open access journal, written and published in this bilingual format for about twenty years, present in multiple first-order databases.  

The central purpose of this journal is to promote the progress of society, especially the Portuguese speaking societies, through health related knowledge. Never has this purpose been so clearly justified as in the times in which we live.  Also perceived, judging by the growing demand from our readers and authors. We have already conquered an interesting position in Nutrition Sciences - Q4 and Pharmacy / Medicine Q3 that we want to strengthen and improve.

This evolution increases our responsibility and, therefore, our permanent attention to opportunities for improvement that aim to facilitate the editorial process, making it more representative of science thought in Portuguese, but also increasingly simplified and transparent, ensuring equal opportunities, scientific fairness and ethical responsibility. 

We are sure that readers, authors and editors, will continue to walk together in strengthening IBB | BBR.



Academic career starting at U.Lisboa (Fac. of Pharmacy and Fac. of Medicine - Institute of Physiology) where he got his PhD (1992). Professor of Human Physiology and Physiopathology / Mechanisms of Disease at the University of Lisbon and the Lusófona Group whose staff he integrates since 2012. Currently is the Director of the School of Health and the connected Research Center CBIOS (part of the national scientific and technological network - FCT) at Universidade Lusofona.  

Regarding research his preference is centred in Cardiovascular Physiology and in particular in the adative mechanisms of micro and macrocirculation. Showing an extensive list of publications and communications, multiple distinctions and awards, including editorial coordination of international journals in his areas of expertise, he's also  Founder and Executive Director of ALIES, and one of the mentors of this Biopharmaceutical and Biomedical Research (BBR).

Founder and current chairman (2022_) of the Portuguese Society of Physiology.


Editors-in-Chief Emeritus 

Lesseps Lourenço dos Reis (2004-2012) Faculdade Medicina Universidade de Lisboa


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