This last 2011 BBR edition is dedicated to one of our most distinguished members of the Scientific Editorial Board, recently deceased, Johann Wiechers (1959-2011)... [+] here


Health and Society

Physical activity and body mass index in the adult Portuguese Population

Osvaldo Santos, Isabel do Carmo, J Camolas & J. Vieira [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.8.2.13


Employability of ERISA Students Gratuated in Clinical and Public Healht Analysis between 2006 and 2010

Duarte Simão, Eurico Lima, Tiago Martins, Vera Correia, Isabel Ribeiro & Maria Céu Costa [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.8.2.14


Water intake and its relationship with the water content of the diet in a healthy population

Maria Lidia Palma, Carla Monteiro, Maria Julia Bujan, L. Monteiro Rodrigues [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.8.2.15


Biomedical Sciences

About the importance of physical exercise in human physiology

Maria Inês Pedrosa & L. Monteiro Rodrigues [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.8.2.16


High Resolution Magic Angle Spinning (HRMAS) may be used to characterize obese skin 

Liliana Tavares, Maria Angélica Almeida, Maria Julia Bujan & L. Monteiro Rodrigues [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.8.2.17


Magnetic Resonance imaging of human skin vasculature: feability in the clinical setting

Hugo Alexandre Ferreira, Alexandre Andrade, P. Contreiras Pinto & L. Monteiro Rodrigues [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.8.2.18


The impact of Occlusion on in vivo Skin Integrity Recovery 

Maria Madalena Pereira, Joana Saraiva & L. Monteiro Rodrigues [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.8.2.19


Vancomycin in clinical practice - a review

Ana Bárbara Santos, Andreia Duarte & Ana Sofia Saião [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.8.2.20


Biopharmaceutical Sciences

The influence of two different techniques on the particle size and zeta potencial of poly (D,L-Lactide-co-glycolide) nanoparticles

Nuno Martinho, Catarina Rosado, & Catarina P. Reis [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.8.2.21


Ascophyllum nodosum extract supplementation is associated with anthropometric changes in overweight and obese women during a randomized energy-restriction trial

Nelson Rodrigues Tavares [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.8.2.22


Supplement (Proceedings)

II Jornadas Lusófonas de Osteopatia | Osteopatia no Desporto [+] here - DOI: 10.19277/bbr.8.2.23