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with the High Sponsorship of CPLP

Journal DOI: 10.19277/bbr
Journal ISSN - 2182-2360 (print version)
Journal ISSN - 2182-2379 (online version)



BBR/JIBB in open access as of 2020

a year for balance 


The Biomedical and Biopharmaceutical Research journal (BBR/JIBB) is the most regularly published bilingual international scientific publication in our country since 2003, having been distinguished with the High Sponsorship of CPLP (Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries).

2020 was our first year of a new (risky) experience, assuming an entirely on-line edition, with new editorial procedures, organization and image.   It happened in a year definitively marked by the extraordinary global crisis caused by this SARS COVID-19 changing the definition of "normality" in all aspects of our lives.

BBR was no exception. The year of our full access was simultaneously the year of many other changes and impacts. BBR was able to be more professional and available. Closer to the authors, reviewers and editors, interacting with them on a regular basis. Stronger in its processes and therefore more rigorous and transparent, on the right path to consolidation.  2020 was undoubtedly the most productive editorial year ever in the history of the BBR. Our options were clearly accepted by our authors. We read these results as proof of confidence that we deeply appreciate.   Our success is your success. Therefore, we will continue to do more and better for this instrument of scientific culture specially designed and sustained in the common language of our Portuguese-speaking communities. 

We emphasize our independent, non-profit character, exclusively based on science and education, consciously dedicated to the growth of scientific culture. This is part of our foundation and our compromise to the future.

We have already achieved indexation in several databases (Portuguese Medical Journals, SciElo UNIVERSIA - Portal das Universidades, LATINDEX, KOSMET Index, Thomson Reuters, PMC, , Index Copernicus, Scopus, Google Academic Help, EMBASE, CAS - Chemical Abstracts Service). We believe this is the way to help to improve, in all levels, the communication and scientific divulgation for all those who "think and do science in Portuguese".

We are counting on you.


Luís Monteiro Rodrigues


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