ALIES - the Lusophone Association for the Development of Teaching and Research in Health Sciences

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With the High Sponsorship of CPLP 



ALIES - the LUSÓFONA ASSOCIATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF RESEARCH AND EDUCATION IN HEALTH SCIENCES, is a non-profit legal organisation, based in Campo Grande, in Lisbon, whose main purpose is the cultural, scientific and educational development of teachers, students and other employees of the current School of Health Sciences and Technologies  at the University Lusófona.  In this sense, it is responsible for supporting scientific research and pedagogical development in these areas, through the appropriate means, including studies, vocational training, under- or post-graduate actions, seminars, exhibitions and conferences, the publication of scientific papers, as well as by collaborating with national and foreign institutions, and the attribution of prizes. This  site allows to highlight some of these accomplishments, such as:

- the Biomedical and Biopharmaceutical Research magazine, the most regular title published in these areas, in English and Portuguese, a true vehicle of science conceived in our mother tongue, and awarded the High Sponsorship of CPLP (the Portuguese Speaking Countries Community).

- the KTC - Knowledge Transfer Centre, a recent structure to streamline communication between universities and business, fostering development and science-based marketing.

We hope that sharing this information will enhance the growth and diffusion of knowledge to which ALIES is firmly devoted.



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