Online Submission

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The Authors should be attentive to the following before making the online submission:

Consult the Guidelines for Authors [+] here

Consult the Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement  [+] here

Consult the Printing Rights Transfer Form [+] here

Users must be registered on the portal previously to submission ([+] here), or on the link "create an account" on the right.

Once registered, users may apply for online submission activation [+] here. Users will be activated (within ~48 hours), and the submission form will appear at the bottom of this page after logging in.


Select this option ([+] here) to submit an original article 

Select this option ([+] here) to resubmit an article (after the editors and reviewers indications)

Select this option ([+] here) to submit the authorship declaration for use (CDA), after article acceptance 


In addition, authors should take into account the following information regarding the electronic submission: 

The format of the files to be submitted should be .doc or .docx (or .pdf for the Reproduction Rights Form), and they should be added in a specific field of the form below. The file to be submitted should not exceed 10 MB, and all fields are mandatory, as well as the technical requirements indicated within.

Note: Article files should always be submitted with text both in English (EN ) and Portuguese (PT), and References Figures and Tables (use the following model [+here] to submit the article).

After filling in the form fields, click on the Submit button and get the following confirmation message in green at the bottom of the form "Form successfully sent! Use the Authors Menu -> My Submissions to BBR to check the submission status". If the form is not correctly filled, a red message indicating the errors will appear, indicating what section(s) must be corrected to finish the submission process.

After the submission, authors can consult their submissions in the "My Submissions", Submenu of "Authors" Menu [+ here]

In case of any doubt or difficulty, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for support. 


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