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The alteration of our normal paths in the last two years created countless challenges around the world, and yet time marched on. As Editor-in-Chief, I am proud that BBR continued forward, thanks to the combined effort of our authors, our reviewers, and our editors. We continued to work to improve our organizational, technical, and scientific quality, and have taken the opportunity to remind ourselves of our vision and prioritise our objectives.

From the beginning, our goal with this unique project has been to foster societal progress through knowledge with impact on (individual as in community) health within the Portuguese speaking countries around the world. Still, we recognize that the world is small, and that positive impact with our lusofone universe can positively impact the world at large, and the converse is also true. Our steps forward for this number include operation improvements in our submission and review processes, and important evolutions in our editorial policies, including diversity, equity, and equality, and in our scope, with more and more focus in core issues around the founding domains of Biomedical and Biopharmaceutical Sciences.


Our commitment to excellence finds a clear expression in these examples, and we intend to continue to actively consolidate our future in this direction.


Editor- in chief


Luís Monteiro Rodrigues, CBIOS U Lusofona, Portugal

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I started my academic career at U.Lisboa (Fac de Farmácia and Physiology Institute Fac. de Medicina) where I obtained my PhD degree (1992). Since then I have been a Professor of Human Physiology and Physiopathology on a regular and continuous basis. At U de Lisboa, and since 1997 at Grupo Lusófona joining  the academic staff in 2012. Here I currently lead the School of Health and also CBIOS the universitie's Biosciences and Technologies Research Center (part of the national scientific and technological network - FCT).  I highlight my extensive experience in teaching in practically all areas of health training, with special relevance to Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nursing and Health Technologies, Biomedical and Biophysical Engineering and more recently, Nutrition. 

From a research point of view, I have an extensive list of publications and communications, and have been awarded several distinctions, while being part of several editorial boards in those areas of expertise in which I am involved. I highlight cardiovascular regulation and especially microcirculatory regulation as preferred areas. It is relevant to refer the work that we saw developed in CBIOS where I run (PI) the Systems Modeling Laboratory. In the development of non-invasive technology for measuring peripheral perfusion in vivo; in the modelling and analysis of related biological signals; in the study of the intervention of peripheral sensors in cardiovascular regulation, among others.  Related and also relevant, the extensive work dedicated to the physiology and pathophysiology of the skin as well as various aspects of safety and effectiveness of topical skin products. These particular experiences and pathways are at the basis of other advanced initiatives where the foundation of the EEMCO Group (www.eemco.net) and the foundation of the Portuguese Society of Physiology (www.physiology.pt) stands out.

I am one Founder and the current Executive Director of ALIES. Also one of the mentors of the Journal of Biomedical and Biopharmaceutical Research  (BBR) where I have served, from the beginning, as Editor-in-chief


Emeriti Editor- in chief

Lesseps Lourenço dos Reis (2004-2011) Fac. Medicine Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal


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