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Journal DOI: 10.19277/bbr
Journal ISSN - 2182-2360 (print version)
Journal ISSN - 2182-2379 (online version)



BBR exclusively online as of 2020 


The Biomedical and Biopharmaceutical Research Journal (BBR) is the most regular scientific periodic publication in the Portuguese language, edited in our country since 2003, and has been awarded the  High Sponsorship of CPLP (the Portuguese Speaking Countries Community). 

The BBR journal stands before the conception and "knowledge’s" enhancement, and their transmission, in Portuguese language-thinking of the wide Lusophone universe. Spread all-over the globe, sharing a long historical background but very different levels of priorities, development, quality of life and knowledge. We intend to be an complementary tool for the development of this scientific culture, and we dedicate special attention to health sciences knowledge, truly strategic for the advancement of communities and cultures.

The BBR journal does not intend to compete with other publications, national or international. Its existence does not prevent (or deflect) publication purposes of greater magnitude. It is rather a fora where different researchers, different ways of thinking, different day-by-day living can meet as equal, sharing the same conceptual structure set by our common linguistical (cultural) background. Naturally, BBR scope cannot be focused in a single area . Must be wide enough to comprise those major critical themes in health – Nutrition, Medicine and Pharmacy, under a wider understanding of each domain.  As a result of this options  we have a Sober publication, in line with similar reference structures. Open, covering a range of content that fits the denomination rational. Insightful, looking for a high level of technical rigor, scientific and educational, according to its purpose. Also noteworthy, it is a strongly independent initiative, belonging to a non-profit organisation (ALIES), and managed by science and cooperating scientists. Most of them involved already in very active and successful networks.

It is indexed (or in process) in several databases (Portuguese Medical Journals, UNIVERSIA - Universities Portal, LATINDEX, KOSMET Index, Thomson Reuters, PMC, SciElo, Index Copernicus, Scopus, Google Scholar Help, EMBASE, CAS - Chemical Abstracts Service). This reveals some consolidation but also our determination in pursuing our founding principles which we believe,  may help to improve, at all levels, scientific communication and dissemination for all who "think and do science in Portuguese".

Your effort and dedication to this cause are essential to this initiative, firmly dedicated to the growth of scientific culture developed in Portugal, and around the Lusophone space as well.

We are counting on you.

Luís Monteiro Rodrigues


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